Software update

Cavity Eye software for measuring cavity pressure, monitoring production and control the process

The Cavity Eye measuring and controlling software is an indispensable part of the Cavity Eye Smart Moulding Control system. The software starts the measurement, monitors the incoming and outgoing signals, stores the settings and measured data on the local drive or even in a central database. The stored measurement data can be exported into files for analysing purposes, like creating statistic reports.

Download the newest version of Cavity Eye software

Cavity Eye

How to update the Cavity Eye software on SMC system


  1. A USB drive (e.g. pendrive) is needed for the update, formatted to FAT, FAT32 or NTFS
  2. The name of the USB drive can not contain special characters, and whitespaces
  3. The downloaded update zip file must be placed in the root folder of the USB drive, without change the name of the file


  1. Open the updater tool on the SMC system
  2. Choose USB option
  3. Connect the USB drive to the PC, and wait until the system mounting
  4. Press OK in the pop-up window
  5. The update tool will scan the new software on the USB drive
  6. After a newer version of the Cavity Eye software found, press YES to update the software
  7. When the update process is done press OK and you are finished with the update

On older devices, the Updater tool is maybe missing. In this case please contact our technical support team:

Previous versions

ASR statistical and data analysing software

The Cavity Eye Analyse, Statistics and Reports (ASR) software is an additional part of the Smart Moulding Control system. Main responsibilities of the software are visualizing and analysing the measured data. You can see the statistical indicators of your production and also can create reports of the selected measurement. The pressure curves are exportable into pictures, or to comma separated value files (.csv), which grants widespread applicability.

Download the current version of ASR software

ASR 1.1.6

Previous versions