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Basic training of injection moulding (10-15 days)

This training is recommended to beginners who has no or has minimal experiences in injection moulding. The length of the training can be 10 or 15 days, depending on the knowledge of the participants.The goal of the training is to study and practice the steps of mould changing. After the training they will be able to clamp the mould and prepare the machine for production, but they will not be able to start the production alone. After the training they need a mentor for a month to get more experience and study the local rules.
The training is organized at the customer’s plant by two trainers.

Intermediate training for machine setters and technologies (5 days)

Az öt napos képzés a fröccsöntés elméleti hátterére fókuszál, azonban az előadáson megtanultakat a résztvevők gyakorlati foglalkozás keretein belül már a tanfolyam alatt alkalmazzák. 60% elmélet, 40% gyakorlat.

This five-day-training focuses for the theoretical background of injection moulding, but all the theory can be verified during the training in practice too (60% is theory and 40% practice). The program focus on:

  • Material properties and material preparation
  • Material tests and measurement (MFI, moisture, mechanical properties…)
  • Parameter set (material temp. mould temp, speed, pressure…)
  • Mould trial (how to prepare a mould for the first test, first shot)
  • Process analysis, DOE (to determine the optimal machine parameters and define the mould failures, necessary modifications)
  • Cavity pressure analysis
  • Production failure analysis (understand, reproduce, modify, eliminate)

Complex Cavity Eye training (3 days)

This training is for customers who need a complex program for study the application of the Cavity Eye system. The training includes the following topics:

  • Designing the sensor positions in the mould
  • Sensor installation and testing process
  • Measuring instrument installation
  • Using the software
  • Machine set up and fine tune by cavity pressure

Injection training for engineers

Unique training for the customers requests.

Special Cavity Eye training

Educational training specially for the Customer to get familiar with the Cavity Eye measurement system.