Process Monitoring

Real-time process analysis, notifications and logging

Real-time and 0-24 production tracking of all machines and equipment

The first level of our Production Monitoring system is to get information from the machine in a very easy way. Our first level system can get some signals from the machine related to the current state or the operating mode of the machine. From the collected signals the system can decide that the machine is running or not, or is it working in automatic or manual mode. The system is designed for injection moulding machines but it can work with EDM or milling machines as well.

This Production Monitoring system is applicable on any type of machine independently of the manufacturer. All machines of the hall can be connected to our system to see them anytime from everywhere. The collected data and information are automatically sent to the central database which can also be on a local or cloud-based server. For the visualization of the data, you only need a device with internet browser and you can check the current and the previous states of the machine, the cycle time, the count of the produced parts, the scrap rate and many more.

The system can be supplemented with manual data entry, which ensures you to register the reasons of the machine stops or even manual scrap input. For the manual data entry, a touchscreen display is installed on to the machine and the operator can easily enter the necessary information for the system.

Easy and fast installation

Using the Cavity Eye Production Monitoring system you only need a Smart Control Plug which collects and process the signals from the machine. A socket have to be installed on to machine where the necessary signals can be connected and in addition, a single UTP cable from the internal network is needed for the connection with the central database. The Smart Control Plug can be connected to the socket on the machine and to the network of the system; thereafter all data from the machine will be sent to the central database.

Examples for the visualization of the Process Monitoring system

According to the requirements, we can provide standard solutions for the visualization and data entry. If you want something different or you have multiple data sources the user interface and the dashboards are customizable. All the data that comes to the central database can be visualized and analyzed. Including but not limited to:

  • Machine states – production, setup, stand by, stopped, tool change
  • Operation mode – automatic or manual
  • Reasons of machine stops – requires manual input
  • Cycle time
  • Good and scrap part count
  • Scrap ratio
  • Actual Purchase Orders – requires manual input
  • Actual Mould on the machine
  • OEE calculations from the collected data