Quality moulding and process control on the basis of cavity pressure measuring

The main profile of Cavity Eye is cavity pressure measuring in injection moulds and the production monitoring. Our products offer a helping hand in injection moulding technology by measuring the pressure inside the mould cavity. Using our production monitoring system, the product quality inspection is guaranteed without a single interaction required. We are dedicated to improving injection moulding technology, put a great emphasis on research and development and brand-new innovations.

We offer turnkey solutions not only for cavity pressure measurement, but with Cavity Eye Universal Data Acquisition System any common industrial sensor, transmitter or measuring device connected to our system will provide data for our central database. Moreover, real-time visualization, data processing, correlating and analysation is possible from multiple sources of data.

Cavity Eye endeavours on providing personal and online support and consultation both for brand-new and predecessor products. Furthermore, we offer theoretical background trainings and practical trainings also in the field of injection moulding. Our thematic is developed for different levels of knowledge, and it is adjusted to the needs of the customer, thus everybody from beginner to the expert can acquire knowledge with the help of our trainings.

Why choose us?

You can greatly improve your efficiency of production with the Cavity Eye system and services. Cut the risk factor of human error! With us, production starting is getting quicker, save time and money with shortened cycle times and decreased scrap rate by the Cavity Eye-optimized moulding technology. The constant quality of the products is ensured by the central data collection, and every case of error in your production can be explored and solved with the long-term analysing of the collected data.